dimanche 18 octobre 2015

The misadventure of Luv's book mentioned on Weekend's website

José Hoebee, Marga Scheide & Peter Boonstra at the press launch of "The Story of Luv" (May 1st, 2015)

The website of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Weekend" features a recent article about "The Story of Luv" (the book written by Peter Boonstra). Click here to read it. Due to legal issues related to copyright on pictures, the author was obliged to stop the sale of his much-discussed photo book. The sad news was announced earlier this week (see news posted on October 13th, 2015). Photographer and Facebook friend Herman Erik Kuiper and his partner Stephan Wijnen wanted to give Peter a helping hand. They decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to print a revised edition excluding the incriminated pictures. Click here to donate to this project.

Source: Weekend

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