lundi 19 octobre 2015

Shownieuws: excellent viewing figures on October 18th

Patty & Bridget on "Shownieuws"

Yesterday, the 11.00 pm edition of "Shownieuws" featured Bridget Maasland and Patty Brard. Sometimes, SBS 6 entertainment news show exceeds one million viewers due to transformations undergone earlier this year (see news posted on February 12th and June 16th, 2015). On October 18th, the program drew 1.247.000 viewers (market share: 25.7%) and was the sixth most-watched TV show in the Netherlands according to the Dutch audience measurement company "Stichting KijkOnderzoek". 

Source: SBS 6, SKO, Patty Brard's Twitter and Instagram accounts

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