samedi 17 octobre 2015

Patty on "Jan Is De Beste"

Jan Versteegh

A couple of months ago, Patty Brard took part in the taping of Jan Versteegh's latest TV show "Jan Is De Beste" (see news posted on August 8th, 2015). The former Luv' singer is a fan of the young man and even wrote a column about him for Weekend magazine (see news posted on August 16th, 2015). She called him "the REAL big new talent of Dutch television". She was right as he recently won a "best newcomer" prize at the latest TV award show (Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala). 

In his latest program, Jan takes up challenges with celebrities. Patty appears in the first episode which airs on October 28th at 9.15 PM on BNN/NPO 3. The diva and the promising TV host have to resolve a crime on a ship.

Trailer of "Jan is de beste"

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