mardi 27 octobre 2015

Marga and José to be booked as Luv' in Germany?

I knew the news for a couple of days but I had to shut up as long as there was no confirmation. Because the website of De Telegraaf (Holland's most read newspaper) mentioned it earlier today, I thought that it was the right time to post an article about it......

Marga Scheide and José Hoebee can be booked as Luv' (without Patty Brard) for performances in Germany by Wild Heart Management (whose artist roster includes Maggie Reilly (who performed the 1983 classic pop hit "Moonlight Shadows"). 

The Luv' girls were very popular in Germany in the late 1970s (see Chapter III of their biography). 

Yesterday, Dutch website "Magic Music Magazine" rapidly announced Luv's comeback as a "breaking news". Click here to read the article. It generated discussions and enthusiasm among the fans on Facebook

I asked the German talent agency if a comeback of Luv' as a duo would be possible. I was told that "there was no comeback planned" and that "they were just checking the market and tried to build up contacts". I also asked José about it. She explained that "there was only interest in Marga and her for shows in the Federal Republic". That's all. The singer even posted a message on Facebook to recall the facts.

Finally the website of De Telegraaf features an article with a misleading title: "Luv's comeback without Patty Brard". Click here to read it.

So to sum up, it's too soon to talk about a reunion. Better wait and see....even if legally it can possible as Marga holds the copyright on Luv's name.

Source: Facebook, Wild Heart Management, De Telegraaf, Magic Music Magazine

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