mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Luv's so-called comeback: José puts the record straight!

Earlier today, José Hoebee posted a message on Facebook about the so-called comeback of Luv' (featuring Marga Scheide and her without Patty Brard) and gave an interview on Radio 10 about this subject. 

Yesterday, De Telegraaf mentioned this news on its website (see article posted on October 27th, 2015). Apparently, Marga and José can be booked as "Luv" for live performances in Germany by Wild Heart Management.

José confirmed what she told me. "I have to tell you what really happened. Germany let us know via someone that they were interested in Marga and me. How and what....We don't know yet....We don't know if the two of us will be performing with someone else (Ria)....We're going to analyse the situation quietly....You heard it through the grapevine....I'm going to eat Indonesian food with Marga and friends and we're going to laugh about it....Have a nice day," she wrote on her Facebook wall.

A few hours later, Evert Santegoeds (editor-in-chief of Privé magazine) posted on the social network a picture of himself with his fiancé Robert Halewijn and friends (including José, Marga and her partner Michiel Gunning). They seemed to have fun and they talked about the so-called reunion of the group:

Moreover, José posted another photo of Marga and her with Robert Halewijn and wrote this text: "We had a nice dinner with Robert and Evert...Marga and me laughed a lot and maybe we made plans...Haha...Now it's time to sleep....Good Night...."

Marga, Robert and José

Before this dinner, José gave an interview on Radio 10's show "Somertijd". She explained that nothing had been decided yet. The singer is not really opposed to a comeback. "I think it's a good idea but I have to talk about it with Marga. She has to accept it," she said. If the ladies went on tour, their ex-colleague Patty Brard would not join them. "Patty declared that she had nothing to do with Luv' anymore. She considers the group as a bad fairytale," she added. Click here to listen to the discussion with José on "Somertijd".

Source: Facebook (José Hoebee, Evert Santegoeds, De Telegraaf, Radio 10)

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