dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Happy Patty on Koffietijd

On September 25th, Patty Brard was the main guest on RTL 4's morning show "Koffietijd" (hosted by Quinty Trustfull and Pernille La Lau) which drew 217.000 viewers (market share: 29.2%). The diva has often appeared on this program in recent years. 

She discussed the National Neighbours' Day and told how important it was to live in harmony with her neighbours. She promoted her TV program on SBS 6 "Bonje met de buren" (in which she tries to solve problems between neighbours). 

Moreover, the former Luv' singer reacted to a damning article recently published in "Panorama". The weekly magazine dissed Miss Brard because of her first wedding anniversary. In response to this criticism, Patty said that she was very happy with her husband, Antoine van de Vijver and that Panorama was rubbish. 

 Patty Brard, Dutch singer Maaike Ouboter, Quinty Trustfull and Pernille La Lau on "Koffietijd"

Quinty Trustfull showed Patty four pictures related to important moments from her career (Luv' in the late 1970s, the hidden camera program "Gaan met die banaan" in 1989, the reality show "Big Brother III" in 2001 and "Shownieuws" nowadays). Quinty asked Patty which period she was the most proud of. The prima donna answered that she did not hold on to the past and that she enjoyed her present life. 

Click here to watch "Koffietijd".

Source: RTL 4, SKO

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