dimanche 23 août 2015

Pat's column about Universal Contour Body Wrap

Patty Brard makes no secret of her struggle against overweight. She has often and openly spoken about this issue in Dutch media. Since the early 2000's, she has led a healthy life and has tested many diets. Dutch TV viewers remember her reality show "Patty's Fort" in 2004 (featuring treatments with fellow celebrities). Ever since she met Antoine van de Vijver ten years ago, she has enjoyed a healthier lifestyle. Despite her efforts, these methods had little effect on her weight. In recent years, the diva tested juice cleansing (see news posted on June 20th, 2015). She has combined it with workout at 3SIXTY5 (personal training company). Fortunately, she has lost weight but still has her big stomach. 

Recently, Patty went to a Universal Contour Body Wrap salon in Den Bosch with a friend. She seems to be so satisfied by this treatment that she promotes it in her latest column for Weekend magazine. Universal Body Contour Wrap is a sophisticated wrapping technique which reduces unwelcome bloating, lifts and sculpts the body contours, helping define the waist, lifting the bottom, smoothing bulges in the thighs and tightening loose underarms. 

Miss Brard tells that she keeps drinking her juices and working out in addition to the Universal Contour Body Wrap method. 

Click here to read her column.

Source: Weekend

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