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Ger Lammens: "Patty, give Luv' a chance!"

Patty Brard & Ger Lammens in the late 1990s or early 2000s

Last week, Dutch media personality Ger Lammens posted an open letter to Patty Brard on his Facebook page. Ger has known the Luv' ladies since their debut in the 1970s. He even met Patty before she joined the group. 

Ger with Luv' during the "Dream, Dream" era in late 1977

Ger with Luv' and record producer Hans van Hemert at the release party of their first album "With Luv" at Hilversum Airport in August 1978

Ger wrote this letter because the SBS 6 diva is opposed to the much-discussed Luv's book (written by Peter Boonstra). I've posted many articles about this touchy issue. The regular readers of my blog know that the publication is supported by José Hoebee and Marga Scheide. La Brard wants to veto it because of copyright issues about pictures. Peter decided to interrupt the sale of the book for a while and may start it again very soon. He approved Ger's initiative which hopefully will lead to a peace process. To date, the enfant terrible of Luv' has not answered to Ger's message.

Here's a translation of the letter in English:

Dear Patty, be the little sweetheart that I used to know again.
Give your gentle side a chance again...

We've known each other since 1975. It was always party when we met. You were beautiful, talented but so unsure of yourself. I was there in 1977 when top producer Hans van Hemert gave you the opportunity to be part of a new girl group. I remember when you said to me: "Yes but my dear Ger, should I do it? I often have fear of falling and I'm supposed to be on stage with such a group. And they have a strange name: LUV'....". Rapidly you became a star with José Hoebee and Marga Scheide: from Russia and China to Europe. You had an intense life for four years. Frequent plane fights here and there. But you were done and you had short-lived affairs. There was no time for true love even if you were called "LUV". You were so fed up with this hectic life and after four years José and Marga kept going with another girl. 
In the meantime you lost your heart in 1979 to womanizer Ron Brandsteder. I remember we had a drink in a café. We were mates so you could tell me everything safely. And you did it. You opened your heart to me....You were about to marry the quizmaster. "The day of my wedding is close and I'm becoming very sensitive about it," you confessed. You saw the ceremony and the presence of the family with apprehension. You took my wrist and said: "I feel it as a kind of deadline....what should I do?". "Simply marry, Patty," I replied. "Everybody feels strange when they experience a crucial phase of their lives. You've always been a spontaneous and wild girl. Free as a bird....Now you have to build a nest....."
As a DRAMA QUEEN you thought that this "fairy tale" with Ron was a disaster. It lasted from July 1979 to June 1980. Less than one year....But you followed your heart....
Your second wedding with the Italian Carlo Nasi brought you to LA  in 1983. But in 1989 you felt unhappy and followed your instinct....You came back to the Netherlands with your daughter Priscilla.
In your reality show on TV, the whole country could see that your marriage with singer René Muthert was a tragedy. We saw your emotions, your tears but once again you chose freedom and followed your heart...
Last year we witnessed your Big Fat Ibiza Wedding with the stable Antoine van de Vijver. This great love changed your life. You seemed to forget your past chaos. Something no-one expected. You were this sweetheart I used to know again. The girl with a kind heart who forgot her disputes and dramas. A woman of feeling....

You once told me that the darkest moment in your life took place after your bankruptcy because publisher Eric Peute registered his debts under your name. But it was not the loss of your wealth or your expensive things which affected you the most....There were horrible images (shown on national television) of laughing people who walked through your house, grabbing your daughter's toys during a public auction. You told me: "I don't care about this mess and the things I've lost....But these dirty hands on the toys of my child....it makes me mad....". Once again you opened your heart.

And now Patty here's my question to you. You had such an intense contact with José and Marga during the Luv' years. Together you were strong in this tough music industry. You were more than friends, you were like sisters...Girls when you started and women when you left the group. 

José and Marga in association with the kind author Peter Boonstra worked on a fabulous project: a wonderful book about LUV'. Lots of beautiful pictures and memories from your golden years. Shortly after the release of the book, you made sure that this big present to the fans was pulled off the market, if I understand well. I think it has got to do with copyright on pictures. 

And I know, Patty, that my lovely José Hoebee is very sad because of the situation and she sheds tears anytime she watches videos of you and her. Because your bond was strong and because you were real mates....Because you were pure and real....

But dear Patty, we've known each other for so long. Don't you want to follow your heart again? Just do it for me, sweetheart....Think about the emotional moments you had together....Patty, choose Luv' again. For your feelings. For your heart....Patty, be this sweetheart again. Many fans should be grateful and you would make two friends much happier. 

Patty, give Luv' a chance...Then you'll be "MY NUMBER ONE" again.

Your Ger Lammens.

Source: Facebook

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