mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Gay Parade Top 100 - Radio Decibel: vote for Luv'!!!!

Amsterdam Gay Pride takes place between July 25th and August 2nd. The main event is the annual Canal Parade which is scheduled for August 1st. Radio Decibel has asked its listeners to vote for the 100 greatest gay hits of all time. The results will be announced during Radio Decibel Gay Parade Top 100 between 9.00 A.M and 6.00 P.M on July 31st. Luv's signature song "You're the Greatest Lover" has been preselected. I urge the admirers of the group to vote for this classic pop song. 

You can choose 5 songs (3 preselected tracks and two free choices).

Click here to vote.

Luv': You're the Greatest Lover (New Year's Eve show on ZDF - December 31st, 1978)

Source: Radio Decibel

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