lundi 1 juin 2015

Patty on the final broadcast of "Carlo & Irene: Life4You"

Yesterday, Patty Brard appeared on the final episode of RTL 4's talk show "Carlo & Irene: Life 4 You" (hosted by Irene Moors and Carlo Boszhard). The program attracted 1.214.000 viewers (market share: 27%). "Life4You" started in 2009 and was the follow-up to "Life & Cooking" (which premiered in 2000). 

Carlo and Irene invited the most oustanding guests for their final show and ranked them according to the number of appearances on the program. Patty was #13 as she came fifteen times to "Life4You". The diva gave the duo of presenters her "Patty Brard lilies". On Wednesday, she will present her own type of lily named after her. 

Patty giving her lilies to Carlo & Irene

The former Luv' singer discussed the good times she had on "Life4You" everytime she promoted her musical and TV activities. Some footage of her previous appearances was shown. Since 2001, Carlo & Irene have been important allies of Patty.

In addition to the SBS 6 star, the Who's who of Dutch showbiz was present (Angela Groothuizen, Patricia Paay, Nick & Simon, Chantal Janzen, René Froger, Frans Bauer, Glennis Grace, Jamai, Gordon, Maik de Boer, Gerard Joling....).

Source: RTL 4, SKO, YouTube

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