mardi 2 juin 2015

Never too late to be in Luv'!!!!

Believe it or not but due to the incompetence of the delivery service named "Colis Privé" (f*** them!), I've just received the long-awaited "Story of Luv" book month after the release party!!!! It has nothing to do with the author Peter Boonstra who sent it to me. He did a wonderful job!

My story about Luv' and José

Peter even added other goodies in his package: the compilation "The Music of Luv" in a jewel CD case (featuring the hits and three bonus tracks including two Matt Pop remixes), a tee-shirt, a poster mentioning me as a contributor to this great project and signed photos of José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch (I'm honored ladies!!!!). 

Many thanks to Peter! I approve the final result. It is such a wonderful document. Dense, colourful and very informative. I've even discovered new facts and stories. The pictures are beautiful.

The book contains a couple of pages about my special bond with José Hoebee as well as the biographies in English and French that I wrote. 

What a beautiful gift for the Luv' admirers!!!!

I urge my readers to buy a copy of the Story of Luv':

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