mercredi 17 juin 2015

Marga Scheide puts the record straight!

Recently, Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party" featured an interview with Marga Scheide. The former Luv' singer wanted to put the record straight about the controversy surrounding Peter Boonstra's book "The Story of Luv". 

Patty Brard is opposed to this publication and wants to forbid it. Peter decided to interrupt the sale of the book as long as legal issues between Universal Music and photographers were not solved.

"Patty says that Peter didn't have the permission to use pictures for the book. Actually every photographer authorized him to use their material, with the exception of some of them (including Claude Vanheye). But the pictures belong to record label Universal Music. Now I'm reading that Patty has won the lawsuit. But she hasn't won anything as there is no claim. The book is not withdrawn from the stores as it was not available in shops. The book could only be bought on internet. But Peter doesn't want Universal to be in trouble and that's why he interrupts the sale on internet. That's all," Marga tells. 

Source: Party, Facebook

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