jeudi 11 juin 2015

Discord in Luv' Land

Luv' at Gerard Joling's birthday party (2009)

Yesterday, Dutch media announced that "The Story of Luv" (the biography written by Peter Boonstra about the girl group) was banned from sale because of pictures which were apparently published without authorization (see news posted on June 10th, 2015). The book might be available again only if legal issues related to the right of publicity and the authors' rights are solved. 

Patty Brard wants to veto the publication and to sue the author with other photographers. She expressed her point of view on social media and on "Shownieuws" (SBS 6 entertainment news show in which she often appears as an expert) to denigrate Peter and her former Luv' friends.

José Hoebee reacted to Patty's attacks on Facebook and came to Peter's rescue. Today she has even posted a message of Marga Scheide (who has no account on the social network). The blonde lady told that Patty intimidated Peter to have money and that she was in touch with photographers to convince them to take the author to court. Marga also wrote that Patricia Steur (one of the photographers) gave written permission to use her pictures but due to Patty's manoeuvres she changed her mind. 

La Brard replied to her ex-colleague: "Dear Marga, you forgot to say that Patricia Steur is a friend of mine and she was told that I approved this fantastic initiative. When she heard that it was not the case, she withdrew her authorization."

Dutch most-read newspaper De Telegraaf has covered the sad news in its paper and online versions as well as on its "Privé TV" channel (click here to watch the video).

This feud over a wonderful project (in which I took part to some extent) is a never-ending story. I hope that a compromise will be found and that the book will be sold again.

Source: Facebook (José Hoebee, Patty Brard), De Telegraaf

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