lundi 4 mai 2015

Luv' in De Telegraaf

Today's edition of Holland's most-read newspaper "De Telegraaf" features an article about the release of "The Story of Luv" (the long-awaited photo book conceived by Peter Boonstra). A press launch took place last Friday at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, NL (see news posted on May 1st, 2015). 

Luv's 1980-81 line-up (José Hoebee, Marga Scheide, Ria Thielsch) and their former producer Hans van Hemert attended the event which was hosted by Dutch illusionist Hans Klok. But Patty Brard (ex-original member of the pop trio) boycotted the party. She even sued the author because she considered the publication as a "bad scrapbook". Her name was on everyone’s lips during the press presentation.

Marga reacted to Patty's attacks: "Finally an overview of our career! How can you be opposed to this beautiful book? What Patty did to Peter is horrible. He has always been so faithful to us. All the pictures that he collected were gathering dust for years. Now they have a goal. Why being fussy about the book? It is an expensive project and it took Peter years to work on it. He won't make money from it. I thought Patty was wiser. When I read the stories of our fans in the book, I get emotional. I would like to say: Patty, read the book, you'll be delighted."

Hans van Hemert was very enthusiastic: "No other Dutch pop artists have such a reference book."

Source: Martin Vink, De Telegraaf/Privé

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