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Hans van Hemert on De Perstribune

On May 24th, former Luv' producer Hans van Hemert was interviewed by Govert van Brakel on his radio program "De Perstribune" on Omroep MAX/NPO Radio 1:

Luv's Pygmalion discussed several topical issues including the Eurovision Song Contest. He told that he watched the competition with his family. The winner of the 2015 edition (which took place last week in Vienna, Austria) is Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw with his song "Heroes". Van Hemert praised the young man for his catchy track and the visual effects used during his performance. He also said that he didn't like the Dutch entry ("Walk Along" by Trijntje Oosterhuis who failed to qualify to the final). However he admitted that Trijntje was a good artist. 

Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw

Hans is an experienced Eurovision songwriter as he composed three tracks for this contest: "Als het om de liefde gaat" by Sandra & Andres (#4 in 1972), "I See A Star" by Mouth & MacNeal (#3 in 1974, that year ABBA won the ESC) as well as "The Party's Over" by Sandra Reemer (#9 in 1976). 

"Als het om de liefde gaat" by Sandra & Andres  (1972)

"I See A Star" by Mouth & MacNeal 

The Party's Over" by Sandra Reemer 

Recently, Telegraaf TV posted a video about "Een beetje van dit, een beetje van dat" (a song written by Van Hemert and performed by pop group Vulcano in 1983). This track was part of the selection process in order to choose Holland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, Vulcano lost to Sing Me a Song by Bernadette (produced by Piet Souer, the other architect of the Luv' sound). But "Een beetje van dit" became a bigger hit than the winning song (#7 on the Dutch Top 40 and #8 on the Belgian BRT Top 30).

"Een beetje van dit, een beetje van dat" by Vulcano (1983)

Hans also told a funny story. On May 22nd, Eddy Ouwens sent him a nice message on Facebook: "Hey Hans, This is crazy!! I'm watching the documentary "Eurovision at 60" on BBC. Very well done and then there was Graham Norton (Europe's best talk show host according to me) and they asked him: "What is the best song in the history of the Eurovision?" and he immediately answered: "Without no doubt: "I See a Star" by Mouth & MacNeal". This is a piece of history Hans!! Good job man!!". Ouwens co-wrote the ESC winning song "Ding-A-Dong" in 1975 and scored an international hit record in 1977 with "I Remember Elvis Presley" (see article posted on September 17th, 2014).

Moreover, Van Hemert said that if he was commissioned to write a new song for the ESC, he would be glad to do it but he would let it remix by a popular DJ (Tiësto, Armin van Buuren or Afrojack). 

Finally, a short excerpt of one of his latest productions (Ibiza Lounge) was played. This kind of electronic music is part of his recent deal with Dutch label and publishing company Cloud 9.

Click here to listen to De Perstribune.

Source: NPO Radio 1, Hans van Hemert's Facebook Page, De Telegraaf, YouTube....

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