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35 years ago: brief success of "Ooh, Yes I Do" in France and Mexico (May 1980)

             Luv' in front of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico (May 1980)

In addition to the Netherlands, Luv's singles (in particular "You're the Greatest Lover", "Trojan Horse" and "Casanova") were successful in 1978 and 1979 in several neighbouring countries (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark) but also overseas (South Africa, Zimbabwe and New Zealand). 

In October 1979, Luv' left Philips/Phonogram Records and signed a lucrative deal with CNR/Carrere Records (see Chapter III of the biography). Their aim was to conquer new territories. In the spring of 1980, they finally entered the charts of two great countries: France and Mexico.

"Ooh, Yes I Do" entered the Top 10 of the SNEP chart (based on record sales) in France in May 1980. Previously, this single had already reached the Top 5 in Benelux and Denmark as well as the Top 30 in Germany and Austria (see article posted on November 10th, 2014). The ladies promoted this track on major French TV shows ("Midi Première", "Les Rendez-Vous du Dimanche" and "Top Club").  "Ooh, Yes I Do" also peaked at #17 on the influential Hit-Parade RTL (one of the hit lists acknowledged by the music business, it was based on listeners' requests and the choices of RTL radio schedulers).

Yes I Do reaching the Top 10 in France (source: Fabrice Ferment, SNEP, Cogedep, Savapc (Prisunic - Monoprix - Fnac)

Dutch singer Dave introducing Luv' to the French public on television

At the same time as the beginning of their success in France, Luv's record company and management planned a promo tour in Mexico. The singers and their crew flew by Concorde to Mexico City. Their records were released by Discos Musart in Zapata's country. Luv' took part in a press conference, in the taping of a couple of TV programs, radio interviews and photo shoots. Moreover, a special party was organized. They girls received two gold records (one for "Si, Que Si" (the Spanish version of "Ooh, Yes I Do") and another one for the 50.000 sales of their "True Luv" album in Holland). 

Patty, manager Pim ter Linde, record executive Bart van de Laar (murdered in late 1981) and José receiving a gold record for "True Luv" in Mexico City.

Article entitled "Luv' Number One in Mexico"

During this trip, record executive Bart van de Laar introduced Carlo Nasi to Patty Brard (who was divorcing quizmaster Ron Brandsteder). It was love at first sight. Carlo was a member of the very wealthy Agnelli-Nasi family (the owners of FIAT in Italy). He was an A&R manager of WEA International in Los Angeles, CA and later runned his own record labels (Zebra Discorde Music, Striped Horse, Panarecords). Patty's love affair was front-page news in Holland and overshadowed Luv's activities. In July 1980, the beautiful Indo-Dutch lady left the group to live with her lover. This sudden departure had a bad impact on the trio's career. It stopped their breakthrough in France and Mexico. A replacement had to be found. But that's another story.....

Source: Facebook (Siegfried Stelte)

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  1. Intéressant cet article ! "Ooh Yes I Do" fait partie de ces titres du trio que j'ai découverts il n'y a pas si longtemps...j'ai tout de suite beaucoup aimé. Toutefois je le trouve légèrement mois entraînant que par exemple "Trojan Horse" ou "You're The Greatest Lover"... dommage que Patty soit partie en 1980. Qui sait comment aurait évolué le groupe si elle était restée ?