lundi 9 mars 2015

Marga Bult on Patty's "Bonje met de buren"

Yesterday, Marga Bult took part in the taping of "Bonje met de buren" (Trouble with the neighbours - a SBS 6 program hosted by Patty Brard and Jochem van Gelder) in Enschede, NL. Marga is multi-talented entertainer, TV presenter, former lead singer of Dutch girl groups "Babe" and "Dutch Divas" as well as a Eurovision contestant in 1987. 

Patty posted a picture of the ex-Babe member and her on Instagram:

Marga Bult (ex-Babe girl) and Patty Brard (ex-Luv' girl) 

Source: Patty Brard's Twitter and Instagram accounts

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