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30th anniversary: ABBAcadabra (Dutch version) on TV

On March 16th, 1985, TROS/Nederland 2 broadcast "ABBAcadabra", a TV musical based on songs from the Swedish pop group "ABBA". The story included classic fairy tales characters. The project was initially produced for French television in late 1983 by Alain and Daniel Boublil by courtesy of ABBA. Frida even took part in the first version of ABBAcadabra (see article posted on December 21st, 2013).

The original cast of ABBAcadabra (including Frida, Daniel Balavoine and Plastic Bertrand)

In late 1984, José's husband, Will Hoebee and Joost Timp translated "ABBAcadabra" in Dutch and supervised the recording sessions. Among the performers were José (Snow White), Marga Scheide (Carabosse), Bonnie St. Claire (Sleeping Beauty), Ron Brandsteder (Werewolf) and Benny Neyman (Prince). Indisc released in the Netherlands and Belgium a LP (including "Wij zijn vrij" (The Visitors) as the lead single). Rien van Wijk produced the musical for TROS channel.

José Hoebee as Snow White

The Dutch cast of "ABBAcadabra" including Marga Scheide, José Hoebee, Bonnie St. Claire, Ron Brandsteder and Benny Neyman

Marga Scheide

José Hoebee

Marga & Ron Brandsteder

YouTube videos:

Abbacadabra (complete video)

José: Spiegel (I Wonder)

Me neus, me neus, me neus (Money, money, money)

Benny Neyman & Bonnie St. Claire: Bij Mij (Arrival)

Records releases:

7" single "Wij Zijn Vrij" (from the "ABBAcadabra" album)

Front cover of the "ABBAcadabra" LP

Back cover

Album credits:

LP released by Indisc.

Track listing:

A side:
1 Als Ik Later Groot Ben (When I Kissed The Teacher) 1:59
2 Wij Zijn Vrij (The Visitors) 4:07
3 ABBAcadabra (Take A Chance On Me) 3:54
4 Me Neus, Me Neus (Money, Money, Money) 3:51
5 Het Liedje Van Alladin (Super Trouper) 4:07
6 Spiegel (I Wonder) 3:56

B side:
1 De Kokende Spoken Show (Dancing Queen) 4:04
2 Toen Ik Een Wolfje Was (I Let The Music Speak) 5:08
3 Naar Huis Toe (Fernando) 3:17
4 Geef Die Banden Terug (I'm A Marionette) 3:53
5 Bij Mij (Arrival) 4:00
6 Laat Het Feest Beginnen (Thank You For The Music) 3:57

Co-producer – Gerda Felleman
Composed By – Alain Boublil, Daniel Boublil
Lyrics By – Joost Timp, Will Hoebee
Music By – ABBA, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson
Producers – Joost Timp, Will Hoebee

Vocals – Benny Neyman (tracks: B4 to B6), Bianca Folkers (tracks: A2, A3, B6), Bonnie St. Claire (tracks: B5, B6), Joost Timp (tracks: A3, A4, B2), José Hoebee (tracks: A2, A6, B6), Marga Scheide (tracks: A1, B1, B4, B6), Nancy Dubbeldam (tracks: A2, A3, B6), Nico Haak (tracks: A2, B6), Peter Koelewijn (tracks: B1,), Ron Brandsteder (tracks: A1, A4, B2, B3, B6), Werner Duijn (tracks: B2, B5, B6), Willem Duijn (tracks: A2, A5, B6)

Recorded at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, the Netherlands. 

Press clippings

Source: Wikipedia, Beeld en geluid, YouTube,, Krant van Toen...

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