jeudi 12 février 2015

Shownieuws: a boost in viewing figures!!!

Maurice Wijnen, Patty Brard & Beau van Erven Dorens on "Shownieuws" (February 10th)

On February 9th, 10th and 11th, the 11.00 P.M edition of "Shownieuws" featured Patty Brard as an "expert". Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS 6 entertainment news show:

- February 9th: 751.000 viewers / market share: 17,7%
- February 10th: 726.000 viewers / market share: 15,7%
- February 11th: 751.000 viewers / market share: 17,3%

Shownieuws has undergone several transformations in three years and lost viewers. In 2012, the anchors were replaced and the set changed. The entertainment news show averaged 576.000 viewersIn late 2013, the 11.00 PM edition was renamed "Show Laat" and it drew an average of 560.000 viewers. In early 2014, SBS 6 decided to use the initial title ("Shownieuws") again. 

But since January, SBS 6 has found the winning formula for Shownieuws: a new studio shared with another program called "Hart van Nederland" and a bigger connection with this TV show. This umpteenth makeover has given Shownieuws a boost!!!

Source: SKO, Patty Brard's Facebook Page and Twitter account,

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