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Ann-Maria: 35th anniversary

Ann-Maria, Luv's tenth single, entered the Dutch Top 40 on February 23rd, 1980. This ABBA-esque pop song later appeared on the charts abroad.


The Luv' girls reached their peak in 1978 and 1979. Would 1980 be great? The answer was "yes" even if the records released that year did not achieve the level of success of million-sellers like "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse". 

The first single that came out in 1980 was "Ann-Maria". It was the follow-up record to "Ooh, Yes I Do" and was taken from the trio's third album "True Luv". The Mexican and Latino oriented orchestration of this track reminds me of Boney M.'s El Lute and ABBA's Chiquitita and Fernando. This Piet Souer-penned song (produced by Hans van Hemert) featured a children's choir like ABBA's hit "I Have A Dream".

In Holland, "Ann-Maria" premiered on Mies Bouwman's TV show "Telebingo" in February 1980. Mies presented the trio as "Holland's best export product" (because of the Conamus Prize they won a few weeks earlier thanks to their good record sales abroad). The famous TV host had a short interview with the ladies just after their performance of "Ann-Maria". When asked how busy the group was, Patty Brard answered that they were on a promo tour through Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Wiesbaden, Zurich...). When asked which country was the best, Marga Scheide immediately replied "the Netherlands!". Then Mies asked Luv's blonde singer how she considered their success. "We work hard for it but it remains a wonder," she said. 

Then Luv' sang "Ann-Maria" on other major European shows (including "Showbizzquiz" in Holland or "Musikladen" in Germany). 

Luv' with Andy Gibb and Ellen Foley. Marga Scheide and Andy had an affair.

Luv' on Showbizzquiz

YouTube videos

Luv' on Showbizzquiz (1980)

This is True Luv' Special (1980)

Luv' on Musikladen (broadcast date: April 10th, 1980)

Chart performance

"Ann-Maria" peaked at #4 on the Nationale Hitparade and #11 on the Top 40 in the Netherlands, #10 on the BRT Top 30 in Belgium, #37 on Musikmarkt/Media Control charts in Germany and #9 on BT Hitlisten in Denmark.

Label & distribution deal

"Ann-Maria" is part of the back catalogue of Hans van Hemert Productions B.V. It was released in various editions - all depending on which countries the release took place. CNR/Carrere Records licensed the rights for the record to various labels around the world. For example, it was distributed by Discos Musart in Mexico.

Dutch sleeve

German sleeve

Mexican promo copy

 Tracklisting & release

7" vinyl single (45 pm) - original release by CNR/Carrere Records in February 1980

A side: Ann-Maria (Piet Souer) - 4:40
B side: Flash (Hans van Hemert) - 3:51


Claude Vanheye took a beautiful picture of the ladies for the cover of the single. The three Dutch pop stars look very posh.

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