jeudi 29 janvier 2015

YouTube videos: Luv', Marga's Luv', Bonnie & José, Hans van Hemert

I would like to thank Karin Angeleyes and Ada Zwakenberg for the videos posted on YouTube:

1) Luv' (original line-up)

Medley of Dutch chidren's songs on "In een groen, groen discoland" (TROS, 1978)

Medley of Dutch songs @ Hollandse Hits Festival (1993) 

2) Marga's Luv'

 "Luv' in Thailand" special (Veronica/Nederland 2, 1991)

"Jungle Jive" from "Luv' in Thailand" special (Veronica/Nederland 2, 1991)

          "Habanera (L'amour est un oiseau rebelle)" from Bizet's Carmen on "G'oud en Nieuw" (NCRV, 1992)

3) Bonnie St. Claire & José Hoebee

"What a feeling (Flashdance)" on "Frank en Vrij Show" (circa 1984/1985) 

"Starmaker" on "Frank en Vrij Show" 

"Tros Triviant" (TROS, circa 1995)

4) Hans van Hemert

Ibiza Lounge (2014)

Mallorca Lounge (2014)

Uh Uh Ah Ah (2015)

Let us complain less and give more! (2015)

Source: YouTube (Engelauge, Nederpop80, HvHProductionsBV)

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