jeudi 4 décembre 2014

Patty Brard's columns: Bill Cosby and Gooische Vrouwen 2

Bill Cosby

* On November 26th, Weekend magazine posted Patty Brard's column about Bill Cosby on its website. Recently, sixteen women have publicly stated that the American actor (world famous for his NBC sitcom "Cosby show") sexually assaulted them. 

Patty wrote that in the 1980s she was a huge fan of one of the characters of the Cosby show: Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet). The former Luv' singer lived in Los Angeles, CA at that time. She wanted so badly to have the same haircut as Lisa and finally found her hairdresser called Sharon Speed Andersen to fulfil her dream. 

Before the sex scandal, Bill Cosby was a perfect father figure and had a positive image in the media. 

Click here to read the column.

* Yesterday, Pat's column for Weekend dealt with Dutch movie "Gooische Vrouwen (Part 2)" (starring media personality and actress Linda de Mol). The diva wrote her text just before her appearance at the premiere of the film (see news posted on December 2nd, 2014). She explained that as a Dutch celebrity "you had to be on that red carpet". 

The movie is based on the high-rated TV series "Gooische Vrouwen". It chronicles the lives of four female friends living in het Gooi (the Dutch equivalent of Beverly Hills). Patty praised the marketing campaign conducted by RTL Nederland and Talpa which produce the film. The cast takes part in RTL 4's game show "Ik hou van Holland" and is on the cover of Linda magazine. Moreover, Special Transavia flights with discount prize to Innsbruck are scheduled to "enjoy the same things as the main characters of the film".

Click here to read Pat's column.

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