mardi 11 novembre 2014

YouTube video: Patty's interview with Christina Aguilera (2000)

Christina Aguilera in 2000

I've found an interesting video on YouTube recently. Patty Brard interviewed American pop star Christina Aguilera in early 2000 for her TV program on Veronica. The 19-year old singer came to Holland to promote her singles "What a Girl Wants" and "I Turn to You". She briefly discussed her career (Star Search, Mickey Mouse Club, "Mulan" soundtrack, her contract with RCA records...). Patty told Christina : "You're the only newcomer who has a real potential to become a diva". At that time, the talented vocalist had to face competition with other teen idols (including Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson and in particular Britney Spears). She tried to differentiate herself from the other artists from her generation by proving that she could really sing.

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