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Patty irritated by Albert Verlinde (RTL Boulevard)

Patty Brard reacts to Verlinde's attacks on Shownieuws (November 27th)

On November 26th, Albert Verlinde told on RTL Boulevard (RTL 4's entertainment news show) that the guests of Patty Brard's wedding were neglected. Pat's ceremony took place two months ago in Ibiza and coincided with a SBS 6 press presentation. According to Verlinde, the diva and her husband left the party abruptly to go the presentation and let their guests down. 

Click here to watch RTL Boulevard video. 

La Brard reacted to this so-called news on her Facebook page and the following day on Shownieuws (SBS 6). "I know one thing: I'm very happy. I hope that one day Albert will feel the same because that's the reason of the problem between us," the SBS 6 star said. She didn't know why Verlinde suddenly talked about this subject. "The ceremony happened two months ago. Apparently Albert had nothing to report that day so he called people to know how the wedding in Ibiza was," she added. 

Verlinde explained that the ex-Luv' singer was called to tell her version of the story but she hung up. "I was not furious. I went to the hairdresser's. I was asked: "Were people angry?. Then I asked: "Are you recording this conversation?". Then they answered: "Yes". Then I said: "Bye" and I hung up. I don't want my interview to be edited," Patty told. 

Miss Brard doesn't trust RTL Boulevard. "When you talk to them, it's secretly recorded and then they edit it to make it sensational. That's rubbish," she said. 

Bridget Maasland (her "Shownieuws" colleague) defended Patty: "I was there by chance. She never neglected us and always took care of us."

There's always been a rivalry between Albert and Patty. Last year, La Brard interviewed Ruud Schepers, the toy boy of Onno Hoes (Mayor of Maastricht and former husband of Verlinde). See news posted on December 16th, 2013. 

Source: RTL Boulevard, Shownieuws,, De Telegraaf, Patty Brard's Facebook Page

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