lundi 10 novembre 2014

Marga Scheide (about Luv's photo book) in Privé

Marga Scheide is a bit the Greta Garbo of Luv'. Her public appearances are very rare. The lady has no official Facebook or Twitter accounts. 

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an exclusive interview with the former member of Luv'

Marga discusses the long-awaited photo book about Holland's greatest girl group written by Peter Boonstra. The publication will include never seen before photos and is supposed to come out in March 2015. In addition to Peter's colossal amount of work and fans contributions, Marga and José also participates in the book. Patty is opposed to this project that she considers a "scrapbook made by an amateur". 

Peter scanned the article:

Marga also tells she has not been on speaking terms with La Brard since the group's break-up two years ago. She did not go to Pat's widely publicized wedding in Ibiza. Moreover, The ex-singer explains that she is busy moving to a new house in Ibiza and that the health of her partner Michiel Gunning improved after an operation last year. 

Source: Privé, Peter Boonstra's Facebook Page, Martin Vink

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