mercredi 12 novembre 2014

Luv's long-awaited photo book to come out in 2015!!!!

Five years ago, Peter Boonstra (of Luv' Fan Club) took the initiative in publishing a photo book about Holland's greatest girl group.  For the first time ever — a major authorised publication on the lives and the fabulous career of Luv' was about to hit the stores. Peter collected exclusive pictures and interviewed the original members of the trio. Unfortunately, Patty Brard vetoed the project just before it got into print. 

But now things are different. Luv' disbanded two years ago. Marga Scheide and José Hoebee have contributed to the book. Peter is also helped by amazing photographers, Anton (frontman of the Dutch Show Company) and other fans.  

A website about this unique publication has been launched: as well as a Facebook page:

The long-awaited book will come out in 2015 and will consist of eight parts:

1) The success story of Luv'
People from the trio's entourage have been interviewed. Ups and downs have been mentioned.

2) Anecdotes of José and Marga
The ladies have told anecdotes about their Luv' years.

3) Thousands of pictures from Universal Music archives
Universal Music opened its archives. The book will contain never before published photos.

4) Photos from the "Privé" archives
Karel Helmers, photographer for celebrity gossip magazine "Privé" in the 1970s and the 1980s, is also working on this fabulous project. He took beautiful photos of Luv' in their heyday. 

5) World famous photographers 
The book will feature exclusive photos taken by Govert de Roos, Patricia Steur, Ray Christian and Roy Beusker

6) Exhaustive discography
The complete discography includes releases from America, Japan, Mexico and South Africa.

7) Stories of fans
Fans explain their devotion to Luv' and the role the trio played in their lives.

8) Private pictures of Marga and José
Marga and José have been searching for private pictures and want to share them with the fans. 

Everybody can take part in the elaboration of the book. You can get three pages in which you can tell your bond with Luv'. For more information, send an email to

Source: Peter Boonstra, Facebook.....

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