dimanche 19 octobre 2014

YouTube video: interview with José + "Noheyo" on Cliphuis Café

José interviewed by Hans van Aalst on Cliphuis TV

A video of a short interview with José Hoebee and her performance of "Noheyo" on Cliphuis TV has recently been uploaded to YouTube. The taping of the TV program took place during the funfair in Kruisland in late August (see news posted on August 26th, 2014). The singer briefly discussed some parts of her career (solo success, duets with Bonnie St. Claire and Ron Brandsteder, Luv' (she insisted on the fact that all the members of the group recorded all the songs even if she was the lead singer), Dolf Brouwers (as "Waldo van Dungen" in "Waldolala" TV series)....

Source: Cliphuis YouTube channel

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