mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Patty's column about the Televizier-Ring Gala

The latest column written by Patty Brard for Weekend Magazine deals with the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala (Dutch TV awards) which took place last week at Carré Theater in Amsterdam. The diva attended the ceremony last week (see news posted on October 18th, 2014). She is not a fan of this event and is very critical of it. 

The only positive aspect of the 2014 edition was the presence of Eric and Julien, two candidates of Johnny de Mol's program "SynDROOM" (which features people suffering from autism or down's syndrome who fulfill their dreams and ambitions). Eric and Julien were "the life of the party" that evening. By the way, American actor David Hasselhoff (famous for his roles in iconic TV series "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch") appeared in one episode of "SynDROOM" and expressed his support for this RTL 4 show on social networks. 

To read Pat's column, click here

Red carpet interviews of Dutch TV personalities at the Televizier Ring Gala (featuring Patty at 0:44 telling that "she doesn't feel that such awards increase the winners' value). 

Source: Weekend, YouTube

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