mercredi 29 octobre 2014

Patty @ Hippy Chic Magic Bingo

Tomorrow evening Patty Brard will take part in the second edition of  the "Hippy Chic Bingo" at Schouwburg Orpheus in Apeldoorn. This event is organized by Pascal van de Bunte-Kok (owner of several fashion brands: Pscallme, Gypsetstyle, Photo-label, Be Bangled, Store 055, 023 ,Passtore and Hippy Market Ibiza). 

The evening will feature performances, a hippie market, a fashion show, cool artists and many prizes to win!!!

The great illusionist Hans Klok will be present as well.

In March, Patty already participated in the first edition ( see news posted on March 9th, 2014). 

Source: Facebook

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