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25th anniversary of RTL 4

Today Dutch TV channel RTL 4 celebrates its 25th anniversary. The first private commercial network in the Netherlands was launched as RTL Véronique on October 2nd,1989 and was renamed RTL 4 the following year.

Patty in late 1989

Patty Brard was one of the first TV hosts who appeared on this channel. She presented the hidden camera TV show "Gaan met die banaan" between the autumn of 1989 and early 1991. 

Patty on "Gaan met die banaan"

Article published in "Leeuwarder courant" newspaper on October 10, 1989

Article published in "Het Vrije Volk" newspaper on December 12, 1989

The larger than life TV personality also worked on other programs for RTL Nederland:  Hart van de stad (RTL 4, 1994), Brard gaat extreem (RTL 5, 1994), Onder de B van Brard (RTL 5, 1995), Brard gaat extreem (Veronica, 1997–1998), Brard (Veronica, 1997–1998), Patty (Veronica, 1999), Patty gaat extreem (Veronica, 1999), Absolutely Patty (Veronica, 2000-2001), Big Brother 3 (Yorin, 2001), Patty's Posse (Yorin, 2003-2004), Patty's Fort (Yorin, 2004), Pat's Life (Yorin, 2005), Lieve Patty (RTL5, 2005) and Back in Luv' (RTL5, 2006). 

In 2007, she became involved with SBS 6 but later she took part in RTL TV shows: Diva's Draaien Door (RTL 4, 2011), Wie is de reisleider? (RTL 5, 2013), Echte Meisjes op de Prairie (RTL 5, 2013) and Lust, Liefde en Laten Lopen (RTL 5, 2013). 

Last year, the diva signed an exclusive contract with SBS which prevents her from working for a rival network (see news posted on August 31st, 2013).

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