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Luv's real chart performance in France

Luv' at the Champs Elysées, Paris (1980)

Unlike Benelux and German speaking countries, France was not a key territory for Luv' during their heyday in the late 1970s. The ladies performed on famous French TV shows such as "Top Club", "Midi Première" and "Les Rendez-Vous du Dimanche" to promote their records. In October 1979, Luv' signed a lucrative deal with French label "Carrere". Moreover, they often went to Paris to buy clothes and stage outfits. As a result, a couple of their tracks entered the French charts.

Before 1984, French charts based on record sales were not published in mainstream media. Only industry insiders knew the real figures. The public could only rely on unofficial lists (including "Hit-Parade RTL"). In November 1984, things changed when TV channel Canal + aired the "Top 50" in association with SNEP (French recording industry association), Nielsen and IPSOS

Record chart specialist Fabrice Ferment (who published the book "40 ans de tubes" in the early 2000s) posted online the real charts before 1984 and based on sales figures (SNEP), royalties and statistics from Cogedep (supermarkets network) and Savapc (Prisunic - Monoprix - Fnac). That's how I found out the real chart performances of two Luv's singles:

  • "Sing me, sing me a chanson" (You're the Greatest Lover): 

Date: 30/12/1978, Peak Position: #19, Number of weeks on Top 20: 1

  • "Ooh, Yes I Do"

Date: 3/5/1980, Peak position: #10, number of weeks on Top 20: 7

Click here to visit Fabrice Ferment's website

Source: Fabrice Ferment, SNEP, Cogedep, Savapc (Prisunic - Monoprix - Fnac).

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