jeudi 11 septembre 2014

La Brard talking about her "Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" on "Carlo & Irene: Life 4 You"

Patty Brard was guest on "Carlo & Irene: Life 4 You" on September 7th. The RTL 4 program (hosted by Carlo Boszhard and Irene Moors) attracted 467.000 viewers (market share: 14.2%)Last week, the diva wrote a column in "Weekend Magazine" about the golden duo of Dutch TV who announced that they would stop "Life 4 You" next June (see news posted on September 4th, 2014). Patty discussed several subjects (including her recent reconciliation with José Hoebee, her wedding, the flop of her latest reality show on SBS 6...). She revealed that she had an affair with her friend, restaurant owner Francis Rood who also appeared on the talk show. 

Francis & Patty on "Life 4 You"

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Source: RTL 4, YouTube, SKO, Patty Brard's Facebook Page...

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