lundi 1 septembre 2014

"Bonje met de buren" draws almost 1 million viewers!

Yesterday, SBS 6 program "Bonje met de buren" ("Trouble with the neighbours" featuring Patty Brard and Jochem van Gelder) drew 976.000 viewers (market share: 14.1%). It was the 7th most-watched TV show in the Netherlands on August 31st, according to Dutch audience measurement company "Stichting KijkOnderzoek". The diva expressed satisfaction on social media. The disappointing viewing figures of "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" (see previous post) are counterbalanced by the success of "Bonje met de buren". 

To watch "Bonje met de buren": click here (videos only available in Holland).

Here are excerpts from the TV program:

Source: SBS 6, SKO, YouTube

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