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Patty's media news: wedding, column about Marijke Helwegen, launch of Patty's YouTube channel, Bonje met de buren

* The future wedding of Patty Brard and Antoine van de Vijver and the reality TV show about it still generate publicity:

- The SBS 6 presenter told Weekend Magazine that Dutch TV star Linda de Mol came up with the title of her reality program: "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding". No wonder that she had this idas as her brother's company "Talpa" produces the show. 

Source: Weekend/

- Watch a short video of Patty promoting her "Big Fat Ibiza Wedding":

Source: SBS 6, YouTube

- In addition to Patty's wedding dress, Mary Borsato has also designed special outfits for the dogs of the diva "Bibi & Lulu".

Patty, Antoine, Bibi & Lulu

Source: Shownieuws / Patty Brard's Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

- Patty told Story Magazine that she married her third husband René Muthert in 2003 to please the producers of her high-rated reality show "Patty's Posse". "I never took this marriage seriously. I did it because it was telegenic. We were taping "Patty's Posse" and the producer thought it would be nice to get married in Las Vegas. I thought we only did it for fun on camera," she said. But actually it was official. "When we divorced, he got €100.000....René was formally my third husband but it didn't feel that way," she added.

Source: Story/

- La Brard and her daughter Priscilla are not on speaking terms for years. But the former Luv' singer hopes that Priscilla will attend her wedding ceremony. "My door is always open for her. I would like to see her. I don't know if she's coming. She hates cameras," she told Story Magazine. "But I know that someday we'll meet again. I'm ready for this. Priscilla has to be ready as well," she explained. 

Source: Story/

- Miss Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Dutch media personality and socialite Marijke Helwegen (famous for her plastic surgery operations). Marijke often posts funny videos on YouTube. It has inspired so much Patty that she would like to launch her own channel on the leading video-sharing website. "I have to find the right formula. I have amazing footage, bloopers etc....What a pity I can't share it! Does anybody have a nice title for my forthcoming YouTube channel?," she asks her readers.

To read Pat's column, click here.

Marijke Helwegen

Source: Weekend

- Patty's new program "Bonje met de buren" (Trouble with neighbours) will premiere on August 17th at 9.30 P.M on SBS 6. She joined forces with Jochem van Gelder to solve conflicts between neighbours. In a recent interview for BuzzE, the duo admitted that the taping of the "Bonje" was "emotionally intense". 

Source: BuzzE, De Telegraaf,

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