dimanche 10 août 2014

Pat's column about "Geer & Goor"

The latest column of Patty Brard for Weekend Magazine deals with the new TV show of her showbiz friends Gerard Joling and Gordon (nicknamed "Geer & Goor"). The RTL 4 program is called "Waarheen, Waarvoor" and is in support of the "Nationaal Ouderenfonds" (National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE) which promotes quality of life for older persons in the Netherlands). Geer and Goor try to fulfill the dreams of seniors. For example, a septuagenarian attends the Amsterdam Gay Pride for the first time.

Gerard Joling, Ruth Jacott, Gordon, Patty Brard and the boys during the taping of "Waarheen, Waarvoor"....

To read Pat's column, click here.

Source: Weekend

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