mardi 26 août 2014

La Brard on TV: Linda's Zomerweek / Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding / Bonje met de Buren / Ranking the Stars

 Here's a recap of Patty Brard's latest TV appearances.

- The August 21st episode of "Linda's Zomerweek", Linda de Mol's high-rated talk show on RTL 4 featured the larger than life entertainer and drew 1.306.000 viewers (market share: 22.9%). The diva discussed many subjects: Luv' ("We were treated like pop stars....We were big abroad....Our success caused relationship problems....Luv' became Marga's registered trademark behind our back"), her bankruptcy twenty years ago, her new reality show and her wedding with Antoine van de Vijver, the fact that she is not on speaking terms with her daughter Priscilla and that she really missed her, the San Remo Festival that she hosted in 1985.....

The program was taped before the recent reconciliation of Patty and her former Luv' colleague José Hoebee (see news posted on August 14th, 2014). That's why the SBS 6 star didn't talk about the trio's heyday in the late 1970s in a positive way. 

Linda de Mol

To watch "Linda's Zomerweek", click here

Patty on Luv's success

Patty on wedding

Patty on her daughter Priscilla

Patty on her bankruptcy

Patty on Sanremo Festival

Source: RTL 4, YouTube, Stichting KijkOnderzoek

- La Brard's latest reality show "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding" premiered on August 22nd on SBS 6 and attracted 512.000 viewers (market share: 8.3%). The audience could see the wedding preparations of the diva.

To watch "Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding": click here. The video is only available in Holland.

Patty's workout

The diva's doubts about her wedding

Tensious between the lovebirds

A special breakfast cocktail

Linda makes Patty nervous

La Brard with her wedding planners

Patty's plaster cast

A special question to Kees Tol

Should Pat invite her daughter to her wedding?

Source: SBS 6, Stichting KijkOnderzoek, YouTube

- The second episode of SBS 6 program "Bonje met de buren" pulled in 788.000 viewers (market share: 11.6%) on August 24th. Click here to watch it (only available in Holland). Here are excerpts from the reality show: 

Source: SBS 6, Stichting KijkOnderzoek, YouTube

- Miss Brard appeared on BNN/NPO 3's panel game show "Ranking the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw) on August 24th. The program drew 465.000 viewers (market share: 6.6%). A funny moment happened during this episode. The candidates were asked to show a picture of them with a celebrity. Dutch comedian Marc-Marie Huijbregts brought an old photo of him with Ria Thielsch (member of the 1980-81 lineup). When asked why she was replaced by Ria, Patty answered: "I disappeared!". "But Luv' stopped shortly afterwards!" she added. 

Ria Thielsch and a young Marc-Marie Huijbregts in 1981

Click here to watch "Ranking the Stars". 

Source: BNN/NPO 3, Stichting KijkOnderzoek

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