dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Update: José @ Roze Maandag

In addition to her participation in the RozeMaandagExpres with Dutch R&B vocal group "Mai Tai" (see news posted on July 6th, 2014), José Hoebee will be present at the MIDI Theater in Tilburg tomorrow at 2.00 pm, as part of the "Roze Maandag" (one of the biggest gay events in the Netherlands). So what will happen there? You better wait and see....

Moreover, José's former colleagues Patty Brard and Bonnie St. Claire will also take part in the festivities as they will be performing at the Amstel Bierhal (see news posted on July 16th, 2014). 

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page (Dennis van Korven)

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