mardi 1 juillet 2014

José: interview on Bingo FM

Sonja van Stek & José Hoebee

Today, José Hoebee has been interviewed by Sonja van Stek on her radio show "Lunchpakket" on Bingo FM. The singer has answered the usual questions about her glorious past with Luv' and has talked about her latest release ("Noheyo"). She has told that she has dreamt of recording a duet with Don Everly (of "The Everly Brothers"). She has even posted a message on Facebook in which she has mentioned this "dream". The songstress has named Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and The Eagles as her music heroes. 

Click here to listen to the radio interview (it starts at 5:57). 

Source: Bingo FM, RTV Utrecht, José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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