dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Eye Candy on TV: Lots of Luv' Special (35th Anniversary)

35 years ago, on July 13th 1979, TROS TV channel aired a 20-minute special entitled “Lots of Luv” (named after the group's second LP). José, Marga and Patty were eye candy for viewers and took advantage of their sex appeal to rise to fame. 

Since the first special (All You Need Is Luv') broadcast in November 1978 (see article posted in November 2013), things were getting better for the ladies. After being successful in their homeland, the girl trio became a household name in Continental Europe and South Africa. 

The "Lots of Luv'" special started with a medley of their greatest hits from the previous year (U.O.Me, Eres Mi Mejor Amante (the Spanish version of You're the Greatest Lover) and Trojan Horse). The TV show also featured performances of songs from their second album “Lots of Luv”: D.J, Casanova, Marcellino, Shoes Off (Boots On), Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and I.M.U.R

"Lots of Luv" special posted on Hans van Hemert's YouTube channel

The program was taped at the Ponypark in Slagharen, NL. It was produced by John de Mol (founder of Endemol who later became Marga Scheide's lover) in association with Interlinde Management and Variety Productions

In 2006, this TV special was included on the DVD “Back In Luv’". 

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Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid (Dutch TV archives)

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