mercredi 25 juin 2014

Patty Brard: latest TV news (Shownieuws, Ranking the Stars, Linda's talk show)

* Here are the latest viewing figures of "Shownieuws" (SBS 6 entertainment news show featuring Patty Brard):

- June 23rd (5.30 pm): 82.000 viewers / market share: 1.4%
These bad figures are due to the broadcast of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Netherlands Vs Chile) on Nederland 1

Patty & Friends: "Oranje" fans on Shownieuws (June 23rd)

- June 24th (11.00 pm): 599.000 viewers / market share: 12%

Janice, Beau van Erven Dorens & La Brard on Shownieuws (June 24th)

Source: SBS 6, Stichting KijkOnderzoek, Patty Brard's Twitter Account

* Patty will take part in BNN/Nederland 3's panel game show "Ranking the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw). The first episode of the 2014 season will air on July 20th. The diva had already appeared on the program previously (see news posted on June 27th, 2013). 

Source:, RTL Nieuws, TV Visie

* Miss Brard will be the guest on RTL 4's talk show "Linda's Zomerweek" (hosted by Linda de Mol). The program will air in August. 

Linda de Mol

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