lundi 2 juin 2014

My New Blog About José Hoebee!!!

I'm glad to announce the launch of a special blog which focuses on José Hoebee :

Why? Because José is the only former member of Luv' who really cares about the fans and also because her manager Dennis van Korven suggested me this fabulous idea. José is starting a new chapter in her life and career. Soon she will release a new single entitled "Noheyo!". I just want to help her team a bit with the promotion.

It's the beginning so I will need time to expand. Later I will add a biography, a discography and other elements.

The blog is intended for all the fans and of course the non-Dutch admirers of the artist. I accept criticism so you can express yourself.

I still keep the other blog about Luv' because I want to report all the news and all the aspects (history of the group, anniversaries, the other former members, Hans van Hemert, videos....). 



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