dimanche 29 juin 2014

Interview with José on Omroep Brabant

José & Hubert Mol

Yesterday, José Hoebee was interviewed by Hubert Mol for his radio show "Weekendmol" on Omroep Brabant. The singer discussed her career as a former member of Luv' and her current activities (her latest single "Noheyo" and her next performances). She told that she might record a new single in September and October. A full-length album might be released later. 

Click here to listen to the interview (it starts at 13:35)

Source: Omroep Brabant, José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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  1. Découverte d'un super blog que je vais pouvoir suivre , que de belles années ! ♥ Bravo ! ♥
    Dan' ( styliste, compositeur et producteur de musique )

    1. Merci du compliment!

      With Luv' from Aix en Provence!