jeudi 1 mai 2014

Pat's column on "Barbie"

Patty and Barbie in 2012

The latest column of Patty Brard posted on deals with Dutch media personality Samantha de Jong better known as "Barbie". Since 2010, Barbie has appeared on several reality TV shows ("Oh oh Cherso", "Oh oh Tirol", "Barbie's Bruiloft", "Barbie's Baby" and "Huisje Boompje Barbie"). In her recent TV program "Samantha & Michael: Doe Effe Paranormaal!", Barbie wants to show her paranormal skills. Patty is not convinced by Samantha's psychic abilities although she appreciates the young lady. The diva is familiar with paranormal issues. She took part in SBS 6 high-rated show "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" between 2008 and 2010. In 2009, she appeared with Marga Scheide on "Char" (a popular RTL 4 program featuring the world famous psychic Char Margolis). In early 2010, SBS 6 aired the special "Patty, het medium" in which she developed her clairvoyant talent. Last year, the former Luv' singer taped a pilot with Char and José Hoebee (see news posted on August 30th, 2013). 

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Source: Weekend

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