vendredi 25 avril 2014

José on RTV-Ridderkerk

The radio show "The Story of José Hoebee" aired on RTV-Ridderkerk on April 20th. The program featured an interview with the singer. José told stories about her greatest hits (I Will Follow Him, Secret Love, So Long Marianne, Cassandra, Zoals Vrienden Doen....). She also mentioned other lesser-known tracks from her Luv' and solo repertoire (Mother of The Hearts, I'm so sorry, The Good Times...)

My friend and Luv' expert Martin Vink made this program possible and even talked a bit. I would like to thank him. Moreover, Karin Angeleyes (one of my Facebook contact) posted the interview on YouTube. Many thanks to her as well!!!

José Hoebee - Interview Radio Ridderkerk (April 2014)

Source: RTV-Ridderkerk, José Hoebee's Fan Club, Karin Angeleyes, Martin Vink, José Hoebee's Facebook Page....

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