jeudi 17 avril 2014

"Bonje met de buren" (feat. Patty Brard): broadcast date postponed

Patty Brard & Jochem van Gelder: the golden duo of "Bonje met de buren"

SBS 6 has announced that the broadcast date of "Bonje met de buren" (featuring Patty Brard and Jochem van Gelder) is postponed. The TV format is produced by John de Mol's Talpa and is also known as "Trouble with the Neighbours". Patty and Jochem join forces to solve long-term conflicts between neighbours. They have been busy taping the show since December (see news posted on December 16th, 2013). Initially, "Bonje met de buren" was supposed to air next month but instead, the TV channel prefers to broadcast the Dutch version of the sitcom "Cheers" (featuring Bastiaan Ragas). The viewers will have to wait after summer to enjoy Patty's latest TV project. 

Source: SBS 6, De Telegraaf...

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