jeudi 6 février 2014

José's latest message to her Facebook friends

On February 3rd, José Hoebee posted a message to her Facebook fans. She wrote about the following subjets:

* Turbulence in Bonnie St. Claire's life: The Dutch tabloid press revealed that José's friend suffered from alcoholism again (see news posted on January 18th, 2014). The former Luv' singer was approached by the media to tell her version of the story. But she refused to talk directly to the journalists about this touchy issue. She was surprised when Gerard Joling and her "ex-colleague" Patty Brard implied that she encouraged Bonnie to drink (see news posted on January 21st, 2014). Joling later declared that he didn't want to say things that way. José was also shocked when Privé magazine published the story of her sister Marijke van de Wijdeven about Bonnie's problems. The Van de Wijdeven siblings are not on speaking terms. 

* A strange "Carnival" project: José was in touch with a producer who asked her to record a Carnival song entitled "Echt genoten van m'n echtgenoot" (a play on words in Dutch which means "To take advantage of my husband"). José answered that Carnival was not her thing and that this track was not appropriate as her husband Will Hoebee died one year and a half ago. 

* Dommelvolk: José has been rehearsing for weeks with her best friend Ad (with whom she started her singing career in 1969) and his folk band "Dommelvolk". Hopefully she will record tracks and will be performing with them.

* A new duet?: A Scottish folk songstress who scored a big worldwide in the 1970s called José to sing a duet. Miss Hoebee doesn't want to reveal the identity of this artist at the moment. 

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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