vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Show Vandaag + Show Laat: good viewing figures

Patty Brard has expressed satisfaction today on Twitter and Facebook. She has written: "it's good to wake up with good figures for @ShowVandaag and @ShowLaat! So happy! Wanna thank my Top Team!"
The diva appeared yesterday on "Show Laat", SBS 6 entertainment news program which drew 763.000 viewers (market share: 14.7%).
"Show Vandaag" (SBS late afternoon program which featured Patty regularly) also scored good viewing figures: it attracted 318.000 viewers (market share: 9.3%). What a difference with its disappointing debut a couple of months ago (see news posted on October 22nd, 2013)! 

Source: SBS 6, Stichting KijkOnderzoek, Patty Brard's Twitter + Facebook Pages

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