mardi 21 janvier 2014

José shocked by Gerard Joling's remarks

José Hoebee is terribly shocked by remarks made by Gerard Joling. Last week, the Divo of Dutch Pop told "RTL Boulevard" that "José drank as much as her friend Bonnie St. Claire". "I'm doing my best to help Bonnie and what he says is wrong," the ex-Luv' singer replied.
Recently, "Geer" appeared on "Boulevard" following the revelations about Bonnie's recent problems (see news posted on January 18th, 2013). José was astonished when she watched the TV program. "I don't know why he said this. We've known each other for so many some extent. He has never come home and I've never been invited to his house," she explained. 
Though José doesn't agree with Gerard who described her as a bad friend, she wants to ease Bonnie's pain. 

Source: RTL Boulevard,

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