samedi 18 janvier 2014

José fears for her duo with Bonnie

José Hoebee

The Dutch celebrity news websites and tabloids have recently covered bad news about Bonnie St. Claire. The legendary songstress seems to suffer from alcoholism again. Last weekend, Bonnie and her husband Anne-Jan argued violently. Anne-Jan even fell from a balcony and broke his legs. As a showbiz expert, Patty Brard talked about Bonnie's recent difficulties on SBS 6 entertainment news program "Show Laat". Pop singer Gerard Joling and TV personality Viola Holt told "RTL Boulevard" that they worried about St. Claire

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Bonnie St. Claire

According to Holland's most popular newspaper "De Telegraaf", José Hoebee (who relaunched her duo with Bonnie last summer) fears for her artistic collaboration with her friend. "I have to know if everything goes on," the former Luv' singer said. "This story should have been kept secret," José added. "But it didn't happen that way. As a friend of Bonnie and Anne-Jan, I hope that they will overcome their problems."

Source: Show Laat, RTL Boulevard, De Telegraaf....

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