dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Tonight: Patty on "FC Kip" (De Dino Show)

The star of "FC Kip": "Judeska" portrayed by Jandino Asporaat

In November, Patty Brard took part in the taping of the Christmas episode of "FC Kip", a miniseries part of NTR/Nederland 3's comedy talk show "De Dino Show" (see news posted on November 11th 2013). "KC Kip" focuses on the adventures of "Judeska" (an outrageous West Indian waitress working in a fast food restaurant) and her colleagues. I'm curious about Patty's cameo role in the miniseries. 

"De Dino Show" will air tonight at 10.20 pm.

Patty and her young friend on "FC Kip"

Info: http://dinoshow.ntr.nl/

Source: NTR/Nederland 3, TV-Visie

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